December 06, 2003

My Summer Vacation Pt. 4

Vernon Wells breaks his bat.

The centerpiece of the whole trip was Fenway. I was pretty excited to see Fenway since it is the kind of old fashioned park that served as the inspiration for Camden Yards. We had pretty strange seats, which it seemed were actually on the roof of an adjacent building. Even though the seats were relatively high up, Fenway is such a small park that I wasn't too far from the field.

Unfortunately for Mark and all of the other Botson fans, the Sox lost. Halladay was in control for the whole game, and despite starting to falter in the seventh inning, he pitched the whole game and only gave up 2 runs.

I had wanted to post a panorama of Fenway stitched together from 5 or 6 seperate photos, but my stitching software is on another computer that is not being very cooperative right now, and I'm too lazy to do it by hand. I'll try to get the panorama up another time.

Posted by Drew at December 6, 2003 02:29 PM