January 25, 2004


Over the past weekend, when I haven't been patronizing one of Arlington's many fine drinking establishments, I spent a little time fooling around with Orkut. Orkut is a social network coded by Orkut Buyukkokten, an engineer at Google. I'd never used Friendster* or Tribes before, but in the interest of killing some time, I gave Orkut a try.

It wasn't long until the beta nature of the site became evident. Friends of mine began disappearing from the system, users reported that posts were being deleted as well, and people began finding holes in the design of the site. A few hours ago, Orkut took his eponymous site down for some rework. I'm not sold on the social networking thing yet, since I seem to be just connecting with people I already now, but I suppose I'll give Orkut another try when it is back up.

*For a point of comparison, I logged onto Friendster for the first time this afternoon. I didn't spend much time on Friendster because of the long load times that made the site practically unusable, and I doubt I'll be going back there again.

Update: Here's some more information on Orkut, Google plus some reactions to it.

Posted by Drew at January 25, 2004 06:33 PM

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