January 27, 2004

Welcome to Basic Cable, Chachi

Last night, while channel surfing during a commercial break, I caught a few minutes of Dennis Miller's new show on CNBC. I saw his newslet segment, which was really just a continuation of what he did on SNL and HBO. Using his time-tested formula, he ran through a bunch of recent stories, and dropped a snarky, one-liner loaded with an obscure reference for each one. The problem was that not a single line produced a real laugh from my roomates.

The style of his comments didn't seem too different, but his delivery was incredibly flat. It didn't matter whether his comments were clever or funny on paper, because with that leaden presentation, he wasn't getting any laughs from our house. His delivery during the news segment was worse than Colin Quinn. Let me say that again, worse than Colin Quinn.

Posted by Drew at January 27, 2004 05:17 PM