March 08, 2004

Mullets, Nuts, Food and Cards

I'm back from Vegas. I took some photos, but I won't get my negatives back until later in the week, so you'll have to wait for pictures. In the meantime, here are a few quick bits about the weekend:


I knew something was different about Vegas the moment I got off my connecting flight from Phoenix. The moment I walked off the jetway, I came face to face with a family dressed in matching Budweiser racing jackets. There could be only one explanation: I had wandered into some kind of alternate universe where people gladly wear clothing that is adorned with the logos of as many corporations as possible, and not in a manner that implies something ironic and hipsterish.

II. It Works On So Many Levels

The in-flight movie on my return trip was Cheaper by the Dozen. I presume it was a cautionary tale about a couple who are unaware of birth control, but I could be wrong, since I didn't feel like paying 5 dollars to rent a pair of headphones so I could watch a movie that had crappiness written all over it. The only reason I wanted say something about this movie is that at one point, it fulfilled an unspoken and unknown wish of mine: to see Ashton Kutcher get bitten in the area of the groin repeatedly by an English bulldog. Sometime during the flight, I looked up from my copy of Jarhead just in time to see the family dog attempt to eat Kutcher's kibble and bits, and I have to say, that's entertainment.

III. On Gorging

During my prior trip to Las Vegas, I never ate at a buffet, which seems to be pretty central to the Vegas experience. This time however, one member of our group suggested going to the buffet at the Bellagio. It seemed a bit steep at 32 bucks a head, but I'm generally game for anything once.

Let me just say, the buffet was pretty fucking incredible. I imagine that most other buffets consist mostly of steaming trays of meatballs, pasta and limp vegetables. However, the offerings at the Bellagio were pretty diverse and surprisingly good, especially in the area of seafood, which is a usually a category of foodstuff that I believe should not be offered in all you can eat quantities. Despite my preconceptions about eating gross quantities of seafood, the mahi mahi, bass and salmon were excellent.

A lot of people seemed to really go for the Alaskan king crab legs, which they would carry away in huge tangled piles. I tried a few, but was unimpressed, as I have been every other time I've had king crab. I was raised in Maryland, and I believe that the primary purpose of a crab is as a delivery mechanism for Old Bay, and the flavorless king crab legs just don't do much for me.

IV. Poker

I played at The Mirage, which has a decent sized poker room, but they would only have one or two 1-5 stud tables going at a time, which was pretty annoying. The 3-6 hold 'em tables were the main game going, and were pretty fun, but still, a little more stud please. I shouldn't have to wait 45 minutes to get into a game.

The Flamingo, were I was staying, had a small group of poker tables. The tables looked like they had been crammed into small spare area of the casino floor, and definetly gave the impression that they were a half-assed afterthought.

Posted by Drew at March 8, 2004 06:49 PM

ahhh ... old bay. glad there is another human on earth who cannot eat a crab unless it is doused with the stuff.

Posted by: cindy at June 5, 2004 04:02 PM

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