December 01, 2004

So, That Happened

Yes, this photo is a repeat. Click on it for a gallery of metro photos from the past year.

This evening, it occurred to me that I've been updating this site for a year now, which is far longer than I thought I would ever go with it. As a one year celebration thing, here's a collected gallery of metro station photographs, which a few people have asked for recently.

A few odd and ends about the site:
1. The most visited pages are the photos from Hart and Melissa's wedding and a little rant about Christmas music I posted last year. The photos of Hart and Melissa get a ton of visits primarily because of people searching for Melissa McDermott, who as far as I can tell is some type of middle of the night broadcaster with CBS. As for those of you who are looking for WASH FM's All Christmas All the Time playlist, you've got the wrong place.
2. Busiest days of traffic overall are most likely when I first was linked to by DCist (thanks guys!) or when I posted a set of photos from Geno and KC's wedding.

Posted by Drew at December 1, 2004 09:04 PM

Congrats on staying with it for a whole year, and for sharing your images with us. Hope to see you for awhile more......

Posted by: photographer52 at December 3, 2004 07:00 PM

Thanks. I definetly plan on keeping the site going, it keeps me motivated.

Posted by: Drew at December 4, 2004 11:51 AM

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