January 17, 2005

Nancy, I Miss You Already

Continuing my little series of posts about Teenbeat, Iíll move onto Tuscadero, another one of the bands that will be reuniting for the 20th anniversary concert next month.

Tuscadero was a poppy foursome whose first album featured songs about candy, boardgames, Nancy Drew and a character from Happy Days that was their namesake. Since I donít have anything else by them, both songs are off of the Pink Album. I would have liked to include Angel in a Half-Shirt, their song about the wonders of a bare abdomen with "some love handles it's true, all the better to hold onto!"

The songs:

Nancy Drew Ė By far my choice for the best Tuscadero song. I think everyone can appreciate a song about their parents tossing out all of their old stuff from childhood.

Mt. Pleasant Ė Itís their Beaver Cleaver neighborhood. It might not be pretty, but it sure smells good.

Until next time, when Iíll have a post about Versus.

Posted by Drew at January 17, 2005 08:07 PM