November 17, 2005

Skins vs. Dallas

Arlington Cinema Drafthouse 2

Walking out the front door this morning, my lungs suddenly protested violently. The leftover congestion that had lurked without disturbing me much over the past couple of weeks stirred, awoke and exited in a series of coughs that must have sounded pretty awful. Damn 25 degree drop in temperature! Afterwards, things cleared up fine, but I can't wait until I am completely clear of the lingering effects of the Martian Death Grippe.

In Dating Without Kundera, Idle Words suggests a host of books by Slavic authors to loan to a person you're dating rather than the freaking Unbearable Lightness of Being. Frankly, I would hope that no one does that, but hey, it never hurts to make it an explicit no no. The only book on his list of alternates that I've ever tried to read is Master and Margarita, but I may have been a bit young at 11 years old. I was probably punching a little above my weight and consequently didn't make it through Bulgakov's satirical novel. Perhaps I'll give it another try over winter break, although Moscow To The End Of The Line sounds good as well.

Jay Ryan has a book of his poster art coming out, so go grab a copy. I have 10 of his posters up on the walls of my apartment. Of the ones in my possession, my favorites are the Lounge Ax blasting off and Shellac besieged by an army of squirrels. If only Squirrels Taking Risks wasn't sold out.

Posted by Drew at November 17, 2005 08:53 PM

Master and Margarita is one of those novels that depends deeply upon its translator. I recommend the Grove/Atlantic publication, translated by Mirra Ginsburg. I'm not big on russian lit but I was able to stroll through this translation with great ease and actually enjoyed it. Run and hide from any other.

I like your posters.

Posted by: cindy at November 18, 2005 01:07 PM

I'll keep that in mind! Not sure if I'll get around to trying that book any time soon, but I'll definetly look for that translation.

Posted by: Drew at November 19, 2005 06:20 PM