January 04, 2006

Julie Christie, The Rumors Are True

West Falls Church 22

I've Got It
"...I decided to cap off the night with a tour-ending stage dive. I handed a shocked Joe Puleo my half-finished Manhattan and took off for the seething carpet of fans mashing against the edge of the stage. But instead of the "oh, you guys!" grins I expected to see on the faces of the band, I have just enough time to read "Get the fuck off our stage!" on Georgia's lips before James sticks out his leg and I go down hard, my face slams into the wedge teeth-first and in about 2.8 seconds flat, Joe has been hog-tied with a mic cable. James puts down his bass and holds back my arms while Joe gaffer-tapes my head to the keyboard of the Acetone somewhere around middle C. Joe picks up the maracas out of a puddle of my blood and drool and, before I pass out, I hear the band break into 'Sudden Organ.' I hear it was quite inspired."
--from Mac McCaughan of Superchunk's entry in What’s Your Worst Memory of Playing with Yo La Tengo?

Even though I didn't see them while I was in Boston, Yo La Tengo was the reason I was there. Every year, Yo La Tengo plays a series of Hannukah shows at Maxwell's in Hoboken, with a show on all 8 nights of the holiday. This year, Ira asked the Volcano Suns to get back together for a one of the evenings, and the Suns decided to play a warm-up show in Boston prior to heading down to New Jersey. Thank you, Ira! Without you, I wouldn't have ended up going to Boston on a whim.

Yo La Tengo - Tom Courtenay
One of the first YLT songs that I ever heard and one of the best pop songs of all time.
Yo La Tengo - Hey Ya
Not all of them can be winners, but if you aren't going to do it well, you may as well do it funny. Every year, Yo La Tengo does a live, all-request set on WFMU. One year, a listener called up and asked to hear Hey Ya, which the band gamely took a stab at.

Long Knives Drawn
One of the other great presents I received this year was a couple of knives. I used them for the first time while making dinner tonight, and it is great to have a decent pair of knives around the house. My mom says that hers never need sharpening, which made it sound like these are the type of knives you see people on infomercials use to cut through aluminum cans. I can't think of much reason to cut up some cans, but I imagine I could fashion some homemade caltrops out of the pieces and litter them around my entryway for non-existent intruders. I'm pretty sure the only person who would get hurt by them would be me though, so best to leave that to someone more paranoid than me.

Salvation Holdout Central
The rock star lifestyle doesn't just happen by itself, all of us, the friends, wannabes and hangers-on all make it possible by aiding and abetting the destructive behavior of our idols. While I don't know exactly who this article was written about, I was thinking of Mark E. Smith the whole time.

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