January 12, 2006

Sorry Doesn't Put Thumbs On The Hand!

The View

Tonight, I learned the hard way that my new kitchen knives cut me just as well as they cut vegetables. Pay attention kids, pay attention and take your time.

Music for owies:
Faraquet - Cut Self Not

Posted by Drew at January 12, 2006 09:05 PM

Why are the pictures always so awesome and the music always so great?

Posted by: cindy at January 16, 2006 01:53 AM

Is it because I'm great? Well, at least at a few things, just don't pay attention to everything else, that way I can maintain an illusion of greatness.

Posted by: Drew at January 16, 2006 05:36 PM

What am I not supposed to pay attention to so that way I don't pay attention to it? I'll just focus on how nicely the light spreads throughout this picture. Illusionary, isn't it?

Posted by: cindy at January 18, 2006 03:14 PM