January 30, 2006

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Today, a tiny manifestation of my id attended a meeting with me. Not in some kind of fanciful sense where Iím pretending that it took form in the meeting in a magic-realism fashion, it was just a little girl (the daughter of one of my coworkers, forced to come to her momís workplace for a day due to some kind of teacher conference at school), who gave voice to a lot of my inner frustrations.

After sketching a drawing of me with a gigantic head and a tiny, tiny body, she slid me a note on another sheet of paper, one that we started passing back and forth, passing notes like we were both elementary school kids.

Girl: ha ha haha!
Drew: What's funny?
Girl: You laphed!
Drew: We keep losing track of where we are! We'll never finish!
Girl: ha ha.
Drew: This meeting is too long!
Girl: Stap the meeting!
Drew: I can't!
Girl: Do it!

Then she drew a car (which looked kind of like a tank) driving outside, underneath of the sun, around which she wrote ďGo home! Itís nice outside!Ē I told her that it was her mom's meeting, and that her mom controlled when we could get out of the meeting, at which point the girl starting sending passing her mom notes like "Stop the meeting!" and "Mommy!" I think I need to start bringing this girl to all of my meetings.

Music for bored engineers and elementary schoolers all over Arlington:
Unwound - Dragnalus

Posted by Drew at January 30, 2006 08:13 PM