March 15, 2006

You're My Miss Washington, D.C.

West Falls Church 27

Massacre At Pickle Beach: "If there is even the slightest wind, watch out. An unteathered pickle will go on a destructive rampage, rolling over anything in its path and careening down hills and across open spaces. This happened at the beach and was a terrible experience." -- on Craigslist from a man who has one gigantic inflatable pickle, free to whomever will pick it up.

Pitchers Throw It In The Comics: The quest to find out whether anyone actually throws the gyroball.

Vote Early, Vote Often:
Nation of Ulysses - You're My Miss Washington, D.C.
Update to alleviate confusion: This song was posted because of this poll. And no, you are not mistaken, "vote early, vote often" is not a line from the song.

Posted by Drew at March 15, 2006 06:02 PM