March 21, 2006

All My Tomorrows Are Yesterdays

Team Mario Kart aka the GW Ultimate Frisbee alumni before the Idiotarod.

SXSW: Didn't manage to make it out, despite wanting to, just not quite able to justify the expense or the fact that it would fall right at the end of my current grad school class. Still, I am jealous, what with friends telling me about seeing Okkervil River, Big Bear and Ghostface Killah all in the same festival. Next year, people, next year I have no school and no excuses.

All My Tomorrows Are Yesterdays: After taunting us with 80 degrees, the DC metro is about to get its last snowfall, just prior to the arrival of the real, lasting warm weather. Please, please, just give me some warmth and clear skies so I can go out and play.
FM Knives - Summer Holiday

Posted by Drew at March 21, 2006 12:02 AM