March 22, 2006

We All Float Down Here

I'm not sure, but I think they were pitying some fools.

Killer Klownz From Inner Suburbia: This morning, I saw a woman with red hair. Not a normal shade, but one that made her hair look like a clown's wig. In fact, it may have been a clown's wig, but I am pretty sure that it was not since it didn't look like shoddy, fake hair. It was quite clearly hair that had been dyed a brilliant shade of red since I could see her roots. In any case, if someone in the elevator at work is wondering if you are wearing clown's wig, that is not a good sign, sartorially speaking. In fact, one might question what message you are trying to send with your bride-of-Pennywise hair, especially when the message seems to be "We all float down here in Pentagon City."

SAGU BOOM: After I mentioned that the Baltimore Blast features a player who goes by the single moniker of Sagu, my friend Dan wrote:
"I can't decide if this functions better as the name of:
-A minor-league soccer player
-An industrial cleaning solvent
-A 'Street Fighter' villain
-A spaghetti sauce"
Sagu saves! Sagu cleans! Sagu BOOM! Sagu is tasty!

Yer Meme Is Pickled: Photos with the Podcast Pickle at SXSW.

Sharp, Red Music:
The Fire Engines - Everything's Roses

Posted by Drew at March 22, 2006 11:14 AM