April 03, 2006

Simple Things

Mount Pleasant Street
Leaning out the window over Mount Pleasant Street.

A Case Of The Mondays:
I was a bit cranky after finishing off the today for the following reasons.
1. George Mason finally got dropped in the tournament, which actually upset me, much to my surprise.
2. With the second pick in my fantasy baseball draft I took Alex Rodriguez, which means I will kind of loathe myself all through the baseball season.
3. A virus infected my computer at some point over the weekend, dropping little trojan horses everywhere and keeping me up late on Sunday attempting to fix it. Still not sure if I got everything and I may end up wiping and reinstalling everything just to be sure.
4. Exhaustion from the weekend and lack of sleep, coupled with excess caffeine consumption, excess work leading to a full-on wired/tired state by 4 o'clock that left me seemingly incapable of concentrating on anything.

Somehow, a beer, a burrito and some quality time with my soccer ball made all that go away though.

You Are The Audience, You Are The Star:
Wire - Being Watched

Posted by Drew at April 3, 2006 08:28 PM