April 17, 2006

Under The Ground

Capitol South Escalators

Telling You No Lie: Under The Ground by The Grifters is one of my favorite songs from the Working Holiday series, mainly because the ominous guitars and lo-fi production of the Grifters which match up perfectly with the dark, murderous story told by the narrator of the song. Working Holiday was put out over the course of a 1993, and like the earlier, eponymous Simple Machines collection, collected songs from a lot of my favorite indie rock bands of the day. I think I'll post a few more songs from it this week.
The Grifters - Under The Ground

A Tremor In The Workforce: Darth Vader works out at my company gym. He likes to ride the stationary bikes that are located towards the front of the room, but I can hear his breathing everywhere. While I'm over in the weight area or in back on one of the treadmills, all I hear is HHHOOOOOOOO HHHOOOOOOOOO. I'll tell you this though, despite being a master of evil who murdered countless younglings, I'll give the guy this: he has the most absurdly overdeveloped calf muscles I have ever seen.

Posted by Drew at April 17, 2006 07:33 PM

Great pic as usual.

Posted by: Harold at May 26, 2006 04:55 PM