May 01, 2006

Well Balanced


This weekend, I got to try out one of the cooler features on the D70: white balance adjustment. The days of having to worry about buying film with the appropriate color temperature are over*! All the colors came out balanced correctly (and actually pretty vivid for low light conditions) when I was shooting under the flourescent light of the rockclimbing gym, except for when I used the flash and forgot to set the white balance back to auto from flourescent which resulted in some predictably weird colors.

*Not that this was really a problem, since I've shot black and white film almost exclusively since graduating from college, except for occasional things like trips to Wyoming, Ireland or Hawaii.

For no real reason (other than that I am listening to them right now) here is some good old Yinzer math rock.
Hurl - One Man, Buck

Posted by Drew at May 1, 2006 06:20 PM