May 22, 2006

495 Victorious


On Saturday, the McDermotts headed out to RFK to partake in one of our favorite family activities: an Orioles baseball game.
1. The Nationals’ management was touting the series as the Battle of the Beltway, which is totally wrong, since there are two beltways involved in this series (495 and 695). Beltways, people.
2. The crowd was mainly rooting for the Nats, but from their attire, it appeared that there were a pretty good number of Orioles fans in attendance. A lot of families seemed to be split between the Nats and the Orioles, which could lead to some interesting Thanksgiving dinners if the teams are ever good at the same time. Or good at any time again, even apart from each other. It's hard to have a rivalry when the only result is to be able to say that your team is slightly better than another mediocre team.
3. I saw many people wearing Orioles and Nationals paraphernalia at the same time which just ain’t kosher. I understand that we live in trying times where there’s an opportunity to root for two area teams, and that your loyalties may be a little split, but you can’t sit on the fence when they are playing each other. Pick a team!
4. Two guys seated behind me spent a good amount of time singing the praises of Joe Morgan as a commentator. After I recovered from the cerebral hemorrhage this induced, I considered informing them that no man that drops such incredible insights such as “They’re winning because they’re scoring more runs”* can be considered a good commentator. I let it slide since it’s possible they were taking into consideration his myriad intangibles.

*OK, OK, that's a rough paraphrase. I can't be sure of the exact wording, but I'm pretty sure that he has taken the time to inform you, the viewer, that a team has to score more runs than the opposing team in order to win. Poor Jon Miller.

Posted by Drew at May 22, 2006 06:04 PM