June 15, 2006

It Works On So Many Levels


While avoiding my schoolwork, I was flipping channels and caught Stuart Scott hosting a segment called "Head, Gut or Groin?" on some kind of America's Funniest Home Videos show. In this segment, they roll the beginning of the clip and allow the contestant to see the setup of the unfortunate situation that is about to unfold. At this point, they freeze the video and Scott asks the contestant whether the poor bastard (it's always a guy) is about to get nailed in the head, gut or groin. After they pick one of those three sensitive areas, the tape gets rolled and the poor bastard takes in the aforementioned head, gut or groin. I didn't stick around to see whether the contestant gets anything for guessing the correct body part. Television at its finest folks. Booyah!

Posted by Drew at June 15, 2006 08:30 PM