June 27, 2006

Keep Honking


Tonight, I was the last person to arrive for the final exam and the first to leave. (Woops, little typo there when I posted this last night, I was actually the first to leave.) Summer break begins today!

After class, I was able to get the ailing black car over to the mechanic's place without any of the horrible metallic screeching it made all the way home on Friday. I waited until tonight to drive it over in order to avoid yet another breakdown* at an inconvenient time, since my last one came during rush hour, while I was in the right hand lane of eastbound Leesburg Pike in Tyson's Corner when my car decide to turn itself off. Yes, yes, last October, I was that person who ruined your commute by blocking a lane of traffic. Of course, I might have been able to move my car out of the way if more than one guy had offered to help me push it. Instead, most drivers chose to honk their horn at me, as if that would cause my car to come back to life. KEEP HONKING KIDS AND MY CAR MY COME BACK TO LIFE JUST LIKE TINKERBELL.

*A clear sign that I should ditch this car and look for another one.

Posted by Drew at June 27, 2006 09:26 PM

I love this photo.

Posted by: seeking irony at June 28, 2006 11:21 AM