December 28, 2006

My God, They're So Gifted


A small chunk of this day was spent obsessing about Wire and the fact that some clips of a performance on a German TV show in 1979 have made it onto the tubes of ye Internets. In particular, I was taken with the great live version of The 15th. The recorded version of The 15th is a great quiet, delicate pop song, but the live version gets a little more oomph and almost sounds like it would have been more at home on Pink Flag rather than 154. If you are in the mood, check out Two People In A Room and Practice Makes Perfect as well. Over the years, I've grown to love the entire Wire catalog, including the period where they finally complete their transition into new wave that you can hear happening on 154, and then later came backto some kind of middle ground between their early records and their 80s sound. All of this is just to say, in the words of Skot (via IM), that I am "totally gay for Wire." Thanks for the nice summation, jerk, now go back to listening to your precious Nitzer Ebb.

Also discovered today: no, condemned inmates don't actually get whatever they want for their last meal, at least not in Texas.

Posted by Drew at December 28, 2006 09:27 PM