January 24, 2007

Apply Directly To Forehead


Earlier today, a friend told me that the Reid brothers are getting back together for at least one show: The Jesus and Mary Chain will be playing at this year's Coachella Festival. Did I start looking at the cost of a flight out to California? Yeah, yeah, I did. I doubt I'll go, but I'm really hoping that they embark on some kind of tour after Coachella.

Thanks to the recent release of the Dualdisc versions of their albums, Youtube is flush with old J&MC videos, check it out:
You Trip Me Up
Never Understand
In A Hole live, not the greatest sound though
April Skies
Head On
Reverence live in 1992
Snakedriver live in 1993
Sometimes Always live on MTV with Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star

Yes, another lame Youtube dump, I'm just that cool.

Posted by Drew at January 24, 2007 07:26 PM