January 30, 2007

Love Me Like A Reptile

Columbia Square Entrance 2

So, apparently Fox is trying to setup a reality television show with Beckham and Posh, who are due to arrive in the States at some point in the MLS season. I'm sure they'll agree to the show since it is one of the quickest paths to household fame in the Colonies. While I'm sure that this show will provide an ample amount of insight into their horrible, fabulous lives, I really hope it helps answer the following questions:

1. Is Posh actually one of those lizard people from V? Seriously, look at her, she does not come in peace!
2. We all know that Beckham has rocks in his head. The real question is what type of rock: igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic?
3. What level Operating Thetan are they?
4. When they breed, which characteristics of their respective species will manifest in their brood?* Please supply a Punnet Square illustrating the possibilities. Possible alleles include reptilian, himbo and soccer skillz. I'm pretty sure that the possible phenotypes include Serpentor and--in the case of recessive soccer skillz and dominant himbo alleles--Landon Donovan.

*Note: I'm assuming the answer to the first question is yes.

Posted by Drew at January 30, 2007 09:51 PM