February 14, 2007

Hot Atomics In My Brain


A few things:
1. No, I'm not the one sending out those anonymous Valentine's Day cards to people all over the DC area.
2. I woke up with an earworm of Blur's Boys and Girls. If I've just earwormed you, go apply the song to your brain in order to relieve your earworm.
3. Also, as a Valentine's gift of my own: Naked Raygun's Hot Atomics. Note: this link doesn't appear in the RSS feed for some reason, you'll have to click over to the actual post to get the song.
4. Oops, almost forgot! As another Valentine's day gift, my friend Swifty (and some guy named Arthur that I don't know) launched their new comic called Millions of Bees today.

Posted by Drew at February 14, 2007 01:34 PM