February 19, 2007

Everyone In Flannel


That's the parking lot of Wilde Lake High School, circa my senior year.

Over the weekend, V and I took an extended trip down memory lane to the music we listened to in high school. In particular, two bands: Sonic Youth and Superchunk. Even more specifically, 4 albums: Dirty*, Goo**, No Pocky For Kitty and On The Mouth***.

Probably the funniest thing we came across during our little nostalgia trip was a video that someone had edited together from Some Like It Hot for Sonic Youth's Sugar Kane. The high school me had no idea that Sugar Kane was about a character from that movie! High school me just thought it was a great song. Check the video out, it's a pretty great editing job that really matches up well with the song.

*Look for a very young Jason Lee as the skater kid who gets shot.
**Everyone in flannel! Wow.
***Superchunk as a bunch of manic marionettes!

Posted by Drew at February 19, 2007 12:48 PM