May 29, 2007

No Sleep Til Rosslyn


I don't plan on doing a coherent recap of the past week's hectic Virginia-->New York-->Virginia-->Chicago trip (so hectic that I got the order of destinations wrong yesterday when I posted this, apparently), so here are the quick hits.

I Wanna Die: The J&MC played a pretty good set that covered most of the songs that a fan would want to hear. They ended the main set with Reverence, which hit an entirely different level than the rest of the set, and retroactively almost made the everything else they played seem lackluster. Woops.

Don't Send A Marsupial: I read Black Swan Green and Gun, With Occasional Music during my downtime while travelling between cities, and also made it through about half of Our Band Could Be Your Life. Highly recommend the first two. You already know if you would like the third book or not, I suspect.

Say Hi To Victor Franko: Along with a polaroid taken by S. and egged on by V., I left the note "Congratulations! Lots of love, John Cassavetes." in Lee and Jenny's wedding guestbook. Hey, it was funny at the time.

On Gastronomy: I've already mentioned the sausages at Hot Doug's. In Chicago, I missed out on going to Kuma's for what I hear were some fantastic burgers because I was busy playing miniature golf and making a fool of myself in the batting cages. I highly recommend checking out the pieorgies at Veselka, if you are in Manhattan.

Same As It Ever Was: In my haste, I grabbed the wrong suit bag while packing to head out to Chicago. Instead of the suit I bought last fall, I wound up wearing a six-year old suit to the wedding. A suit from before I started playing soccer again. A suit that fits a much fatter, much younger me. Woops.

Casualties: My sunglasses, my jacket, one handle on my suitcase, my liver and my bank account.

Posted by Drew at May 29, 2007 08:22 PM