July 09, 2010

Devil May Care

Saving Souls in Sin City

A few protesters on the Strip in Las Vegas in 2004, from the last time I was in Las Vegas.

I hadn't planned on trying to get tickets to the incredible Matador at 21 concert out in Las Vegas, but a friend scored some tickets earlier today, so looks like I'll be heading out the Nevada for the first time in ages to see an incredible lineup of bands! You know you're looking at a pretty stellar group of bands when folks like Superchunk are getting relegated to the lower part of the billing poster.

A few songs by bands that will be playing:
- As We Go Up, We Go Down by Guided By Voices
- Sonic Youth playing Teenage Riot on the Jools Holland show last year.
- The New Pornographers playing The Laws Have Changed on Letterman.
- Guitar Wolf's cover of Summertime Blues

Posted by Drew at July 9, 2010 06:25 PM
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