July 23, 2012

On Spam and Spoofed Emails

Dear Internet,

It's come to my attention that a ton of folks are arriving here due to the fact that they have receive spam emails purporting to come from info@drewmcdermott.com and various other possible email addresses associated with the domain for my stupid little photo blog. As many of you have realized, that email address has never existed, as I have never configured an email address or alias for this domain. Any emails that you have received from any @drewmcdermott.com address should be deleted immediately, and by no means should you click on any links embedded in the email. It appears that a spammer is spoofing the nonexistent email address in order to try and trick some folks into thinking that the email is a legitimate. I've notified my provider about the activity, and will attempt to get them to make sure that their SMTP/email servers to not forward any emails that appear to come from drewmcdermott.com, as they are spoofed emails by definition. If you are receiving a significant amount of spam from this purported address, please add drewmcdermott.com to your spam filter and that should take care of the problem for you. My thanks to the folks who emailed me, as I was wondering about the cause of the increased web traffic today, and would not have known about the problem unless they had done so.

Drew McDermott

Posted by Drew at July 23, 2012 08:31 PM