August 31, 2005

By the Fountain


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August 29, 2005

Bryan and Anna's Engagement Party


Here's a full set of photos from the party.

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West Falls Church 18

West Falls Church 18

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August 28, 2005

A Little Horsey Named Paul Revere


Steve rocks a microphone and Melissa laughs.

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August 27, 2005

More Hirshhorn

Last night, I noticed that the photo of Dan and Rachael in Adams Morgan was the 500th post to this site. Wow! I never thought I would keep going this long.

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August 26, 2005

Dan and Rachael

Dan and Rachael 2

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August 25, 2005

Red and Hart

Red and Hart

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August 24, 2005



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August 23, 2005

Sferic Waves

Man...Or Astroman?

Another old Astroman photo from a show in Pittsburgh. I should have a new batch of photos processed by this weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to stop digging through the archives for material.

Here's a couple more old Astroman photos I posted awhile ago, in case you never saw them.

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August 22, 2005

Coco Levitates

Man...Or Astroman?

Since I've been feeling strong enough to carry my camera bag again, I have been shooting new photos over the past few weeks. But it'll still be a little while until I process the new stuff and get it up. In the meantime, here's an old photo of Man...Or Astroman? circa 1996.

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August 18, 2005

Boarded Up

Boarded Up

Two things that brightened up my day:
1. Snakes on a Plane, which may be the best title for a movie, ever. Just like this guy, all I could do after finding out about the movie was just say "Snakes on a Plane!" to myself over and over. If you see me smiling for no reason over the next couple of weeks, it's probably because I'm thinking "Snakes on a Plane!"
2. Gospel mimes. Who knew?

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August 16, 2005

Damn It!

Damn It!

I'm not sure if that's what he was saying, but it looks like it.

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August 15, 2005

In the Office


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August 14, 2005

Flexion and Extension


I've got 118 degrees of knee flexion now. Apparently, normal flexion is around 135 degrees depending on the person.

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August 09, 2005

Waving a Knife


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August 08, 2005

Back to the Gym

Rockclimbing Gym 5

I'm not sure how long it will be until I'm allowed to go rockclimbing again, but I'm sure it won't be for awhile.

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August 07, 2005

Gray Matter

Gray Matter

I'll resume posting new photos eventually. I'm feeling well enough to lug around my camera bag again, so I imagine I'll get back into the swing of things over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I'll probably plunder the archives for some ancient photos. This one is from my freshman year of college at Carnegie Mellon. Gray Matter was a common area in Skibo, which was the Student Union at the time. Skibo was torn down in the summer of 1994 after my freshman year was over and replaced by the University Center, which opened my senior year.

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August 02, 2005

Under Pentagon City


This afternoon I went in for my first rehab session. While I am doing very well, it became very apparent after doing some flexion and extension excercises that I still have a ways to go.

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August 01, 2005

Metro Doors

Metro Doors

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