May 29, 2008



Extra points to Lost for the well-timed inclusion of Gouge Away* in the season finale.

*Clip is from a live performance in 1991.

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May 28, 2008

They Hit Me With A Truck


Go get ready for season 3 of Venture Brothers with Brock's top 10 beatdowns.

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May 27, 2008

Dirt Nap


Just got the latest album from The Big Sleep in the mail today, which I finally got around to ordering after seeing them open for Les Savy Fav a few months ago. Yup, that rare opener that actually gets you to buy something! Check out some of their songs or watch a video from their previous album*.

*French Kiss does videos? What?

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May 23, 2008

In Memoriam


Have a good weekend!

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May 21, 2008

What To Expect


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May 20, 2008

Orioles Magic


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May 19, 2008

Just The Boy With The New Haircut


Jarriel shaved my head too.

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May 16, 2008

...And We're Back


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May 12, 2008

I Won't Trust Scarred Survivors


Here's a little something to salve your wounds if you missed the Polvo reunion show on Friday and have been lamenting it ever since: a video clip of Tragic Carpet Ride from their encore.

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May 09, 2008

Wait Around And Seek My Share


Polvo - Can I Ride

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May 08, 2008



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May 06, 2008



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May 05, 2008



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May 02, 2008

A Little More Motel


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May 01, 2008

Do You Damage

slot jockey

Do You Harm: Gang of Four playing Armalite Rifle in 1978.

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