July 30, 2009

On The Train To Koyasan


This is from towards the end of my trip, while I was on my way to Koyasan for the evening. Unfortunately, this was the stretch where I was under the weather, so that part of the trip was a little less than great.

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July 29, 2009

Live In Shibuya


I don't have a ton of photos of myself in Japan, but here's one of me with some expat folks I met in Tokyo. They're a crew of primarily Americans with a Brit and (if I'm remembering correctly) one Japanese guy, all of whom came to see Shonen Knife play in Shibuya the same night I did. If there's one thing that seemed to be a recurring theme in Tokyo, it was how easy it was to fall in with a group of English speakers for the evening in the course of whatever I was doing. No photos of Shonen Knife unfortunately (or Jittering Jinn, the great band that opened up for them), since I had to drop my camera bag in a locker outside the club before I could go in.

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July 27, 2009

At The Tokyo Dome


They sell whiskey at Giants games, which is only slightly strange from an American standpoint, especially compared to some of the food sold at the game.

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July 24, 2009

More Meiji


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July 22, 2009

Rainy Day at the Meiji Shrine


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July 21, 2009

Naptime on the Yamanote Line


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July 20, 2009

At The Market


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July 17, 2009

Bring An Umbrella


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July 15, 2009

Gion On A Rainy Night


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July 14, 2009

And Boy Are My Arms Tired


Back from Japan! Desperately in need of sleep! And with tons of photos to sift through.

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