June 29, 2010

Something Must Break


Joy Division - Something Must Break

Congrats to Ghana, they were better coached and played better! Zonal Marking has probably the best breakdown of the USA/Ghana game that I've seen, explaining in thorough detail exactly why the USA lost, and why Bob Bradley will most likely not be brought back as coach when his contract expires at the end of the year.

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June 25, 2010



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June 23, 2010

Tell 'Em


Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em

Over the course of the day, I think I've seen Landycake's winning goal against Algeria about 20 times already, between the original broadcast, watching it online, watching it at the gym and then catching the replay of the game at home. And it isn't getting old.

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June 21, 2010

Holy Diver


Been pretty distracted by the whole World Cup thing! One of my favorite bits of World Cup coverage has been The Dive of the Day at Slate, as it is easily the worst thing about soccer on the international stage, and the one thing I can't defend when arguing with a member of the "soccer sucks" crowd. While I love the edition that refers to Cristiano Ronaldo as a Jenga tower, I think my fave has to be the inaugural post regarding Daniele De Rossi, where he goes down like a sniper has taken him out. If you don't remember De Rossi from the 2006 WC, he's the one that busted up Brian McBride's face.

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June 15, 2010

Digging For Something


Hrm, well I wasn't going to post anything more about Superchunk for a bit, but then they gave a sneak peek of their upcoming album today on Stereogum. The first single is called Digging For Something and features John Darnielle on backing vocals, although he really is just doing some harmonies during the chorus. It's a nice poppy song that I've already played 5 times this evening, go listen to it!

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June 14, 2010

Soccer In The Circle


An American soccer fan in a tree in Dupont Circle this Saturday, moments before a cop walked over and forced him to get out of the tree.

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June 11, 2010

World Cup Fever


Air Miami - World Cup Fever

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June 09, 2010

Levitate Me


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June 07, 2010

And The Names Were All Erased


Hm, after a few weeks, I figured someone would have posted some live clips from the recent Superchunk show in Chapel Hill, but no dice so far. Which is pretty strange in this day in age, and it also means I can't share any of the show with you!

So, instead, watch these Chunk clips:
1. A great clip of them playing Why Do You Have To Put A Date On Everything at the Bumbershoot festival in 2008.
2. Playing Driveway to Driveway at the Cat's Cradle in 2009.

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June 04, 2010

When Your Head Is Not In Order


I've pretty much had this song stuck in my head all day long.

The Melvins - The Bit

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June 01, 2010

This Little Piggy Got Roasted


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